"Uncertainty Principle"
Numb3rs Episode
Episode no.: Season 1
Number 2
Original airdate:  January 28, 2005
Writer(s): Nicolas Falacci
Cheryl Heuton
Director: David Von Ancken
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"Uncertainty Principle" is an episode of the CBS TV show Numb3rs.

Plot Edit

Don and his team were after a gang who robbed 16 banks the previous weeks. Charlie was able to predict which bank would be robbed next, but when the FBI team arrived, an agent was hurt.

They also found out that the bank robbers were not just after the money but also after certain informations that led to another purpose.

Guest Stars Edit

  • Susan Beaubian (FBI Agent)
  • Gibby Brand (Dr. Michael Sabello)
  • J. Paul Boehmer (FBI Agent Team Leader)
  • Catherine O'Connor (Woman)
  • Ajay Mehta (ADS Manager)
  • Matthew Yang King (FBI Agent)
  • Amanda Carlin (Forensic Technician)
  • Sam Wellington (Bank Manager)
  • David Carrera (Grim Man)
  • Alan Davidson (Robert Skidmore)
  • Robinne Lee (Agent Larkin)
  • Andrew Caple-Shaw (Agent McKnight)
  • Ken Meseroll (Captain Joe MacNevish)