"Structural Corruption"
Numb3rs Episode
Episode no.: Season 1
Number 4
Original airdate:  February 11, 2005
Writer(s): Liz Friedman
Director: Tim Matheson
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"Structural Corruption" is an episode of the CBS TV show Numb3rs.

Plot Edit

One of Charlie's students fell from a bridge and died. The FBI believed the student commited suicide but Charlie was of another opinion. The student wanted to talk to him a few days ago but Charlie did not have the time.

To find out what really happened Charlie analyzed the student's studies. These lead him to a building whose statics the student was studying.

Guest Stars Edit

  • David Hunt (Elliot Cole)
  • Gibby Brand (Dr. Michael Sabello)
  • Alyson Reed (Eva Salton)
  • James Immekus (Finn Montgomery)
  • Michael Bryan French (Mr. Montgomery)
  • Margot Rose (Mrs. Montgomery)
  • Douglas Sills (Garr Haybridge)
  • Devon Michaels (Brian Malone)
  • James Joseph O'Neil (Bob Mazzelli)
  • James Martin Kelly (Nevelson)
  • Robert Joseph (Police Officer)
  • David Grant Wright (Private Investigator)
  • Derek Anthony (Security Man)
  • Joey Adams (Student)
  • Annika Peterson (Rachel)
  • Mitchell Edmonds (Keith Babbitt)
  • Christopher Fairbanks (Bureau Chief)