Numb3rs Episode
Episode no.: Season 1
Number 6
Original airdate:  February 25, 2005
Writer(s): Liz Friedman
Director: Lou Antonio
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"Sabotage" is an episode of the CBS TV show Numb3rs.

Plot Edit

After some train accidents happened Don's team learned that these accidents were artificially created. They were made to look like famous real accidents that happend years before.

In each accident a letter with an alpha-numerical code was left and Charlie found out that these codes refered to other accidents that were to be recreated.

Guest Stars Edit

  • Navi Rawat (Amita Ramanujan)
  • Colette Kilroy (Jim's Mother)
  • Bobby Preston (Jim)
  • Jeffrey D. Sams (Mark Sutter)
  • Keith Szarabajka (Frank Milton/"Horizontal Bob" Malone/"Cricket")
  • Randy Kovitz (Engineer)
  • George Gerdes (Rail Cop Captain)
  • Sam Ayers (Burly)
  • Caryn West (Jennifer Milton)
  • Benjamin Salisbury (Docent)
  • Lyle Kanouse (Trainspotter)
  • Ruben Garfias (Brakeman)