Numb3rs Episode
Episode no.: Season 1
Number 1
Original airdate:  January 23, 2005
Writer(s): Cheryl Heuton,
Nicolas Falacci
Director: Mick Jackson
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Uncertainty Principle
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"Pilot" is the first episode of the CBS TV show Numb3rs.

Plot Edit

A serial rapist and killer kills several people in Los Angeles. Charles Eppes is able to help his brother solving the crime by predicting where the murderer lives.

Guest Stars Edit

  • Navi Rawat (Amita Ramanujan)
  • Shawn Green (Himself (Archive Footage))
  • Anthony Heald (Walt Merrick)
  • Kate Norby (Karen Silber)
  • William O'Leary (Roland Haldane)
  • Gibby Brand (Dr. Michael Sabello)
  • Karl Calhoun (Asst. Medical Examiner)
  • Amanda Carlin (Forensic Technician)
  • John Lacy (Police Detective)
  • Kristen Ariza (Nurse)
  • Richard Saxton (Reporter #1)
  • Anna Maganini (Reporter #2)
  • Mark Berry (Reporter #3)
  • Michele Graff (Rachel)
  • Lindsay Frame (Teacher)
  • James Sie (Technician)