Megan Reeves2.jpg
Megan Reeves
First appearance Judgment Call (Aired; 23 September 2005)
Last appearance When Worlds Collide (Aired; 16 May 2008)
Profession FBI Agent
Affiliation FBI
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown

Megan Reeves (portrayed by Diane Farr) was a fictional FBI psychological profiler working with Don Eppes's team.


Megan was born in an unknown area to an unknown father and mother. Her parents wanting a son and getting daughter influenced her personality. In "Mind Games" (season 2 episode 17), she reveals that she has three older sisters and that many of her life decisions were made when she was sixteen years old, like leaving her home; she does not regret these choices.

She was in charge when Don wasn't present, mentioned and relevant during "One Hour" (season 3 episode 17). David Sinclair was given the same or a similar position late in Season 5.

She was on assignment to the DOJ late in season 4, and found the work unsettling. She resigned at the end of season 4. This may be an in-character workaround for Diane Farr's pregnancy; in some prior episodes, she was present but her condition was disguised.