Larry Fleinhardt.jpg
Larry Fleindhardt
First appearance Pilot (Aired; 23 January 2005)
Profession Physics Professor
Affiliation CalSci
Gender Male

Larry Fleinhardt (portrayed by Peter MacNicol) is a physics professor at CalSci. He used to be Charlie's supervisor when charlie worked on his Ph.D. So they became close friends.

Larry originally studied mathematics close to Atlantic City. He "proved" some statistic theories by gambling and counting cards.

Currently, Larry is professor for astrophysics and working on a 11-dimensional theory on supergravitation. Sometimes he asks his friend Charlie to help him solve some problems in number theory. Larry also frequently assists Charlie on cases for the FBI.

In the second season Larry bought an oltimer car which he does rarely drive to protect it.

Larry has also been offered a job on the International Space Station by NASA, which he decided to take. Buzz Aldrin escorted Larry to his shuttle, and he took off shortly afterwards.

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