Five dead. Six engered. -Don Eppes, summing up the Freeway Attacks.

The Freeway Attacks were a series of burutal attacks launched by Joel Mitchel. The attacks were investigated by a team of FBI agents under Don Eppes. At first the attacks appeared intirely random, in the words of Megan Reeves, too random. Too random to even be a copy cat.

The InvestigationEdit

White TruckEdit

The son of one of the victems said he saw a white pic up around the time his father was shot by a hand gun.

Charlie's opinionEdit

Charlie Eppes believed that attacks were a quencadince, saying that human being look for patterns where there are non. Megan disagreed, until, having talked to Larry Fleinhardt, relized that he may have be mistaken. After appoligizing to Reeves the FBI began looking for a suspect.

Conecting the dotsEdit

With their new mind set, the FBI began trying to conect the victems. Don interviewed the surviving victems, while Colby Granger, David Sinclair and Megan Reeves looked into the history of the dead victems. All of the victems seemed to have been involved in a auto axedent in some way or another. This led the agents to believe that the attacker might be a victem of a tragic axedent.

Escape routeEdit

Charlie, Larry and Amita began looking for way that the attacker might have escaped the scene. Using high lever computer programming they charted freewat trafic. They were able to identify the most probable escape routes for the attacker to take.

Red to GreenEdit

On the day of one of the attacks a trafic guard said to agents that a white pic up was speeding down the freeway. Right as he came a red light turned green, after just changing to red. The FBI believed he was using a device to change the lights.

Catching a killerEdit

After looking at hours of video they found the white truck, being driven by an unidentifiable man. This was not a dead end, however, because they were able to deturman that he was a member of the Head Troma Surviver's Unit. At first they suspect a man named Brian Summers but doctors said he was uncapable. They then conclude that Joel Mitchel was the attacker. They catch him right before he launching his tenth attack.