David Sinclair2.jpg
David Sinclair
First appearance Pilot (Aired; 23 January 2005)
Portrayed by Alimi Ballard
Episode count 98 episodes (As of; 15 May 2009)
Profession FBI Special Agent
Affiliation FBI
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown

David Sinclair (portrayed by Alimi Ballard) is an FBI agent who works on Don's team. His partner is generally Colby Granger.

David was assigned to work with Don Eppes in the pilot episode, by the assistant director. He was promoted to Primary Relief Supervisor (in charge when Don's not present) late in Season 5, with a letter of recommendation from Don. Megan Reeves previously held that or a similar position.

He's from a rough part of the Bronx. He has a special needs relative, which helped him interact with the severely autistic title character of "Scan Man" (season 5 epsiode 5).

He mentioned in "Pay to Play" (season 4 episode 17) that his music tastes include James Brown and Curtis Mayfield.

Former Solider: Initially posted in Tel Aviv, Israel. Davids talks about seeing the aftermath of an explosion in a family home there and reveals that he has experience with Bomb Disposal from his posting.