"Counterfeit Reality"
Numb3rs Episode
Episode no.: Season 1
Number 7
Original airdate:  March 11, 2005
Writer(s): Andrew Dettman
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
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Sabotage Identity Crisis
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"Counterfeit Reality" is an episode of the CBS TV show Numb3rs.

Plot Edit

Some shops were brutally robbed. When two teenagers were murdered the LAPD realized that the robbers only meant to get some counterfeit money back that the teenagers spent in these shops. The FBI helped to find the counterfeiters who took an artist hostage to make her draw images for the counterfeit money. Charlie was asked to find the origin of the money and the head quarter of the counterfeiters.

Guest Stars Edit

  • Jennifer Carta (Assistant)
  • Michole White (Agent Ramos)
  • Geoffrey Rivas (Det. Ray Reynolds)
  • Sarah Wayne Callies (Agent Kim Hall)
  • Robert Mammana (Young Officer)
  • Mel Winkler (Vincent)
  • Troy Argall (Swat Guy)
  • Marcus Chait (Jordan Hughs)
  • David Figlioli (Kevin Merriman)
  • Melanie Lora (Margo Hughs)
  • Dale Dickey (Karen Miller)
  • Victor Raider-Wexler (Eddie Zarkarian)
  • James Leo Ryan (Lance Cummings)
  • Vince Deadrick Sr. (Martin Blanchard)