Colby Granger2.jpg
Colby Granger
First appearance Judgment Call (Aired; 23 September 2005)
Portrayed by Dylan Bruno
Profession FBI Agent, US spy (formerly), soldier (formerly)
Affiliation FBI
Gender Male
Age Estimated 34-36
Hair color Brown possibly Dirty Blond
Eye color Blue/Green/ of Hazel
Family Father died when Colby was 15

Mother & other siblings unknown.

Colby Granger is an FBI agent who works with Don Eppes. It was later discovered that he was an American spy who was carrying out a counterintelligence mission looking for Chinese spies. He was captured and tortured by Mason Lancer in a Chinese ship before he was saved by the FBI. After his mission was complete, Colby was gradually accepted back into the team.


Colby served as a US Army investigator in Afghanistan and joined the FBI to apply that skill in the civilian world.

His hobbies include fishing, golfing, surfing and camping. As revealed in "Charlie Don't Surf" (season 5 episode 7), although he's from Idaho, he picked up surfing while at the Army's Schofield Barracks in Hawaii.

David Sinclair has been Colby's partner for four years and counting. They do act somewhat like brothers and are very close friends.

Colby also was a wrestler in high school. In "Hardball" (season 3 episode 8), he admitted to David Sinclair that he was once tempted to use steroids but didn't.

Colby's father died when he was 15 in a car accident. He was heading up to fish when he missed the railing and fell off the cliff. Colby sometimes wonders if his father did it on purpose after being fired for making one mistake at the job he loved.